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5 Best Places to celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival with loved one

September 17, 2018

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Mid-Autumn Festival is the second biggest festival in Chinese Culture. It falls on 24th and 25th September this year, it marks that citizens can guarantee a joyful and late-night celebration as the following day is a public holiday. Every year, citizens will take lanterns, mooncakes to moon gaze with loved one. If you haven’t had plans on where to go, stick with us now.

1) Promenade/Waterfront Park

Promenade is always the most popular and breathtaking place for families, friends and couples to chill out. Feeling the breeze, watching the night views, moon gazing…

Recommendation: Kwun Tong Promenade, Tai Po Waterfront Park, Ma On Shan Promenade

2) Places with lantern displays & carnivals

Large lantern displays and carnivals consist of the massive and interactive lighting installation. All the colourful and artistic big sculptures make people feel festive.

Victoria Park in Causeway Bay is definitely the grandest place with all lantern displays, beautiful lighting installation, traditional customs such as lantern riddle quizzes, game stalls, palm reading……Take a lantern and enjoy the vibes this year!

Recommendation: Victoria ParkTai Hang Fire Dragon Dance

3) Beach

Avoid the streets and get away from the crowds, people will drive to the beach for moon gazing. Listening to the waves, feeling the breeze, it’s a stunning opportunity for you to relax from hustle life. Some campers will set camping tanks and BBQ. This year, if you are adventurous enough, go with your friends or family now.

Recommendation: Shek O, Repulse Bay, Tuen Mun Gold Coast

4) Bar and restaurant

This is a more ‘modern’ way to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival with friends. Indeed, to many young people, the night is for gathering as well.

After the reunion dinner with family, you can go to some outdoor bars/ terrace bars to enjoy drinks with friends. Meanwhile, the terrace bars are high enough for you to enjoy a great view. What a night!

5) Home

Sometimes things are not worked as planned, you can’t predict the weather change.

Or if you are afraid of the crowded street, staying at home with loved one is always the best and most comfortable option. Enjoy a piece of mooncake, brew a pot of Chinese tea, watching a movie at home…This is already the best place to celebrate.


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Here, wish everyone a happy and joyful Mid-Autumn Festival.

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中秋節是華人社會中第二個最大型的節日,今年的中秋節在廿四和廿五號,意味著大家可以在放工後與家人、朋友可以盡情慶祝,翌日則是公眾假期。每一年,市民會拿著各式各樣的燈籠、吃著月餅賞月。如果還未有計劃去哪裹賞月,就要繼續閱讀啦。 相關文章:3個中秋節你要知道的事

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