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9 Tips to a Better Delivery

六月 12, 2018

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Starting a business is easy but growing it is constantly challenging. Here are 9 tips for you to upgrade the efficiency of the delivery and grow your business faster.

1. Know your item size and weight 

GOGOVAN Delivery 01
Knowing the size and weight of the items allow you to choose the correct delivery vehicle type and service.

a) If the size of your goods is bulky and large in size, you can potentially save money by choosing truck service.    

2. Know what types of vehicles to choose

GOGOVAN Delivery 02
Different vehicle types cater different delivery items and you should know which types of vehicle to choose.

You should also take into account the unloading requirements, extra service charges, possible restrictions on the type or size of vehicle sites. You can visit here to check the pricing details.

3. Know what day and time to send your delivery

GOGOVAN Delivery 03
Choose the right time can definitely ensure your delivery goes more smoothly, save time and cost. Before your delivery, you should know which day or at what time to send items.

To avoid any additional charges, try to make your delivery in the mid-week like Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday instead of holidays. Also, you can try to avoid any peak office hours from 11am to 3pm to get your items delivered faster.

4. Check the insurance and driver rating

    GOGOVAN Delivery 04
Normally, the insurances do not cover the goods that you deliver. In case your goods are fragile, try to wrap it well to avoid any potential accidents.

Also, you can always refer to driver rating to ensure the good quality of services. Lastly, a good warning to drivers on the item’s condition will help too.

5. Read carefully terms and conditions of the delivery platform

GOGOVAN Delivery 05
Read carefully of the terms and conditions before your delivery, especially for the compensation part. In case of any loss or damage, your company may suffer from severe disadvantages because you may not be able to get compensation.

Conflicts might arise and can be too complicated, long, and resulting in time and money losses.

6. Read carefully terms and conditions of the delivery platform

  GOGOVAN Delivery 06
To prevent the unnecessary damage of your items and conflicts, you can check carefully and take pictures of your items before you pass them to the delivery man. The pictures will act as a proof if any damages happened.

7. Check for promo code on social media
GOGOVAN Delivery 07

Check regularly for the promo code on social media sites can help to save the delivery cost. [Click here to access our Facebook page]

8. Check with the driver the ETA and route
GOGOVAN Delivery 08

After the driver arrives, you can ask the estimated arrival time so as to predict how long does the driver need to deliver your goods. Also, you can also check the route on the platform such as GOGOVAN to see which is the fastest way so you can send items on time.

9. Rate and review the driver
GOGOVAN Delivery 09

After the order has finished, you can rate and write some review to the driver. Rating and comments can help to improve driver quality and service, so that next time when you need delivery services, suitable drivers can be provided. As a result, you can save some time to search for good drivers.
To save unnecessary cost and spend time wisely, start with your delivery orders with GOGOVAN. We offer attractive prices and efficient matching with drivers to make your business grow faster.

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To enhance shopping experience for consumers, you can use GOGOBusiness to manage your business with ease. 

We also provide on-demand, same day delivery service and booking delivery services. We can help you deliver gifts, move furniture, decorations, renovation tools, etc to your new home. We will provide reliable, quick and efficient services, so as to allow you the flexibility to book a van or truck on demand. 

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