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Harbour Runners moved with GOGOVAN

一月 14, 2015


GOGOVAN將在Hong Kong Harbour Runners 的跑步活動中,為參與者提供運送隨身包(Bag Drop) 的服務。參與者可以在起點將隨身物品交給GOGOVAN,GOGOVAN會將跑手的隨身物品直接運送到終點,等待參與者到達時提取。跑步從此輕鬆無憂,參與者也將享受跑步運動的純粹與快樂。而在未來,GOGOVAN還會和Hong Kong Harbour Runners 發掘其他更有創意的可能性。
有關 Harbour Runners:
GOGOVAN continues supporting Hong Kong local groups. This time we are making a cross over with Hong Kong Harbour Runners. Let’s move it!
Hong Kong Harbour Runners was founded 5 years ago. By weekly runs it aims to connect people through running and exploring Hong Kong’s beautiful cityscape.
From now on GOGOVAN will provide bag drop service to runners in their running events. Runners can pass their bags to GOGOVAN at the starting point, then GOGOVAN will drive the bags directly to the end point for runners to pick up. The hassle-free running will let runners enjoy the purest form of running. In the future, GOGOVAN and Hong Kong Harbour Runners will keep exploring more creative possibilities.
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