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August 14, 2018
GOGOVAN Unviersity Students

大學時期絕對是人生中最美好的時候,大學生可以揮發青春的汗水,自由地做更多想做的事。當然,你要接受的挑戰亦都多不勝數。現在,GOGOVAN 醒你3個在大學的終極求生貼士,還你過著無悔青春的時光。 相關文章:GOGOVAN能幫助大學生搬運的3個活動

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現在急需送貨?我的貨物可以準時到達目的地嗎?中途損壞怎麼辦? 我們知道所有貨物在送貨過程中或會發生意外。不用擔心,讓GOGOVAN幫你解決所有問題,保證你可以享用又快又可靠又便宜的服務。

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Celebrating 5th Anniversary

July 16, 2018

“Happy Anniversary, GOGOVAN!”  5 years journey to move the city and go through all the ups and downs, we want to say, Thank You, to all investors, drivers, customers, business clients, and most important GOGOVANers. A single tree cannot make a forest. Without all the trust, we won’t be able to cross a million miles […]

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July 10, 2018
GOGOVAN_Ecommerce Logistics

隨著電子商店和物流公司逐漸普及,電子商務對於物流的需求也因而增加,公司每天都充滿著挑戰。 由倉庫或配送中心提取貨物,到送貨到客人的手上。 無可否認,物流在發展電子商務方面已起了重要的作用,而最關鍵的因素就是,他們如何留住客人並且得到愉快的購物體驗。

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Why are logistics so important for E-commerce?

GOGOVAN_Ecommerce Logistics

With the increase in the popularity of e-shops and delivery companies, the demand of logistics to e-commerce business also keeps growing rapidly. Companies are facing more and more challenges every day. The roadmap from getting stocks in warehouses or distribution centres, to deliver the hand of our customers. That’s undeniable that logistics play a significant […]

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