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Pay with business account for multiple users

There is no need to prepare cash everytime. You can add users to your business account, and pay using the same business account.

Top up and enjoy rebate

When you top up to pay, you can enjoy rebates as high as 5%. You can also pay by credit card.

Clear order records

All order records are available for download from the website, and makes auditing easy. Customer service team will follow up on your orders.

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Instant matching

We have the largest number of van, 5.5. ton or 9 ton trucks. You can find drivers instantly.

Top-up rebate

Business user pay by prepayment, and can earn as high as 5% rebate. You can self-register a business account and top up online using credit card or bank transfer. You can also pay by credit card instantly. All transaction records can be downloaded from website.

Monthly settlement

Monthly settlement users can pay by monthly invoices. You can apply for a monthly settlement account by providing your business registration copy and a deposit. Apply here

Support finding van for you

Our customer service team will monitor orders from business users and find van for you in case no driver picks up your order. Only applicable to prepayment and monthly settlement account.


A truly affordable choice for your small e-commerce or retail business

Whether it's delivering to your customers or transfers between your stores, we got you covered

Flexible delivery options

We provide a multitude of delivery options from instant deliveries to 4 hour delivery, to same day to cater all your needs

You have peace of mind

We've got you covered for up to $5000 for each order by default find out more

Features include:

- GPS tracking for you and your customers
- E-receipt
- ePOD (e-signature)
- Downloadable reports
- .xlsl imports and printable shipping labels (coming soon)

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GOGOVAN has more than 40,000 registered drivers, accommodating your on-demand needs.


Delight customers when you deliver items on time, especially during seasonal periods. GOGOVAN allows you the flexibility to scale your logistical operations depending on your needs. We deliver successfully – foods, building hardware and even flowers – trust us to keep deliveries on time.


Our specialists handle all enquiries with professional knowledge. We know your business well, we help your business well.

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