Please call GOGOVAN at 3590 3399 to inquire about any questions you may have that are not mentioned above.

Not sure which district your starting point or destination is in?

If you don’t see your exact locations in the “Choose by district” option, we recommend you to find them with our more visual “Map” option.

I urgently need a vehicle, but I can’t find a driver! What do I do?

Drivers may not always be available during peak hours. We recommend that you add some “bonus” (there’s an option for that) when you make your order, to make it more attractive to drivers and increase their chances of responding to it first.

Why were the actual prices a bit different from the quote?

In far-­away places, the actual price may differ from the quote. We recommend you to clarify the situation with your driver and figure out the actual price of the trip beforehand, to avoid any misunderstandings. You may also call GOGOVAN for inquiries.

Are tunnel toll fees included in the app’s quoted price?

No, the app’s quoted price for your order does not include tunnel toll fees. For details on tunnel and bridge fees, please visit the section “Tunnel and bridge fees”.

Why doesn’t the license plate number of the van match the one displayed in the app’s information?

To maintain our strict quality control, GOGOVAN does not allow our drivers to shift their orders to another person (ie. a driver not registered with GOGOVAN). If the license plate number of the actual van does not match with the one displayed on the app, please call GOGOVAN immediately to report the case.

My driver is severely late, or has not appeared at all, without any proper notice. What do I do?

Please call and report this to GOGOVAN. We will assign new vehicles for you.

What do I do if I either want to change the starting point or destination of my order, cancel the order, or change the vehicle choice after the order has been confirmed?

If you’d like to cancel or edit the order, please contact your driver directly. Our drivers will be happy to accommodate.

I’m not sure if my goods exceed the weight or dimension limits?

GOGOVAN provides different types of vehicles for carrying goods of various weights and dimensions. A regular van can carry up to 700kg; if the good exceeds 6ft in length, please select the “Goods exceeding 6ft in length” option when making your order. If you’re not sure which vehicle to choose, please refer to the Service Description. Alternatively, you may contact your driver directly for inquiries.

How can I reissue my order record?

The order record details your order’s route, time, price, and other related information. If you want to reissue the order record, please tap the menu icon on the top left corner of the app, select “order record”, choose the record you’d like to see, and tap on / on the top right corner. You may then fill out the email address that you’d like the record to be sent to.

I’ve confirmed my order and then received the driver’s information. What should I do now?

When you see the driver’s information, it means that the driver has already received your order. You may now wait for the driver’s call to confirm the exact pickup point and destination.

What if there’s no vehicle type that’s suitable for my order?

If you’d like a 16 ton truck or other vehicle types, please call GOGOVAN and we will arrange everything accordingly

What are GoGoVan operating hours?

Our app works 24/7. Just order on our app anytime for our delivery and moving services. If you’d like to order through our hotline or like to call us for any inquiries, our office hours are from Monday to Sunday morning from 7 a.m. to 12 a.m. midnight.

How long is the transaction record stored for?

Unless you uninstall the GOGOVAN app, the transaction record will always remain on your phone.

Shipper Section

What is the difference between delivery service and van-booking service?

Delivery service provides door-to-door service.
Van-booking service mainly provides goods delivery service, the van drivers will provide a separate quotation if door-to-door service is required.
If the size and weight of the goods exceed 60x60x60cm and 20kg, please choose the van-booking service.

How can I place an order?

A shipper is required to register an account in GOGOVAN app. We do not provide service hotline for order placement.

Are there any size or weight limits on the packages?

Yes. The weight limits are: 5kg, 10kg, 15kg, 20kg ; the size limits are: 20x20x10cm,30x30x30cm,40x40x40cm,50x50x50cm,60x60x60cm。

How does GOGOVAN charge me for each order?

The price of each delivery depends on package size, weight, distance and delivery time (4 hours and same-day delivery).

Does delivery partner provide wrapping materials?

No, shippers should ensure that the package is packed properly.

Any restricted area?

Yes, delivery services are not available in some remote areas. You may refer to our App for more information.

When should I place the order? Can I choose delivery time?

We provide 4 hours and same-day delivery service and you can choose the time of delivery.

How do I pay for the door-to-door delivery services?

You need to register a personal or business account and enter your credit card details in the App . All future door-to-door delivery orders placed will be paid with the same credit card.

How can I confirm the identity of a delivery partner?

You can ask the GOGOVAN delivery partner to provide the order number and his/her contact number for confirmation.

Can I cancel an order?

Yes, you are entitled to a full refund of the delivery fee if the order is cancelled before the delivery partner picks up the package.
If you cancel an order after the delivery partner picks up the package, you are required to pay for the full delivery fee.

How do I check the order status?

Please click “open menu > Door-to-door history > “Active” in the App to check delivery status.

Can the Delivery Partner keep my package overnight for next day delivery?

No, We provide 4 hours delivery and same-day delivery. All deliveries need to be completed within the same day. We allow shippers to place an order one day in advance.

Will GOGOVAN refuse an order?

GOGOVAN has the right to refuse to accept an order:

  1. The shipper’s request does not comply with our Terms and Conditions;
  2. The Shipper fails to enter a valid address and other required fields that are recognisable by the GOGOVAN system;
  3. The package or item is not suitable for transport;
  4. the transport may violate the relevant laws and regulations in Hong Kong; or is detrimental to public order, or injurious to public morals;
  5. the package or item are of the following items:
    1. explosives or other hazardous materials or any similar packages that are likely to cause damage to other packages;
    2. packages specifically determined by GOGOVAN to be unacceptable, including but not limited to combustible, inflammable, poisonous and toxic materials, livestock, dogs, cats, little birds, guns and swords etc.; and
    3. any items that are prohibited to be delivered under the laws and regulations in Hong Kong; and
  6. GOGOVAN reserves the right to make the final decision.

Any special arrangements under inclement weather conditions (rainstorm, typhoon)?

When severe weather warning is issued, please refer to the latest information and arrangement from GOGOVAN.


What should I do when the delivery is delayed?

When the delivery partner picks up the order, you will receive an SMS notification with a URL. The URL provides information of the delivery partners and allows a real-time order status tracking. You may contact the delivery partner from time to time to check the delivery status. If you fail to contact the delivery Partner, please contact GOGOVAN for further arrangement.

What if the delivery partner delivers the wrong package?

You should contact GOGOVAN and we will make further arrangement.

What if the package is damaged?

The recipient can contact GOGOVAN for further arrangement.

What if I‘m not around when the delivery partner arrives? Can a third party accept the package on my behalf?

Yes, but the delivery partner should contact the shipper to confirm that the third party may accept the package and sign on the App on your behalf. If you fail to contact the shipper, please contact GOGOVAN to follow up.

What if I ‘m not around when the delivery partner arrives? Can you arrange the package to be delivered to the same address again?

Yes, but either the shipper or the recipient will bear the extra delivery charge.

What if I ‘m not around when the delivery partner arrives? Can you arrange package to delivered to another address?

Yes, but the either the shipper or the recipient will bear the extra delivery charge (ie the delivery charge from the original address to the new address).

What if I‘m not around when the delivery partner arrives? Can you arrange the package to be returned to the shipper’s address?

Yes, but either the shipper or the recipient shall bear the extra delivery charge (ie the same delivery charge as the original order).

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