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Pricing Table

Van Pricing PDF 95 DOWNLOAD
5.5 Ton Truck Pricing PDF 94 DOWNLOAD
9 Ton Truck Pricing PDF 93 DOWNLOAD

Additional Charges

(Per order)

Van5.5 Ton Truck9 Ton Truck

Goods Longer Than 6 Feet$20-

Goods Longer Than 6 Feet and Taller Than 2 Feet$40-

Borrow Cart(s)$10/pc (unlimited use)-

Forklift Rental-$20/pc (unlimited use)

MoverNegotiate with driver

Pets$10 (unlimited)

Construction WasteNegotiate with driver

Enter Landfills$50 per entry$100 per entry

Enter Construction Sites$20 per entry$40 per entry

Multi-storey Car Park or Warehouse1/F&2/F: free
$3 per floor starting from 3/F
(eg.$6 for 4/F, $12 for 6/F )1/F&2/F: free
$5 per floor starting from 3/F
(eg.$10 for 4/F, $20 for 6/F )

Overtime waitingFirst 15 mins: free;
$10 per 5 mins thereafter.
First 5 mins: free (for every waypoints).First 30 mins: free;
$15 per 5 mins thereafter.
First 10 mins: free (for every waypoints).

No. of PassengersUp to 5
First 2: free
3-5: freeUp to 5
First 2: free
3-5: +$20

Night (21:00 – 23:59)$30$60$108

Midnight (00:00 – 06:59)$80$160$288

*Drivers will only charge customers night/midnight surcharge when they pick up at night/midnight on Sunday and public holidays, e.g. $30 for van at 21:30 on Sunday, $80 for van at 3:00 on Sunday.

Tunnels Tolls and Bridge Tolls

(actual cost payment per journey)
Van/5.5 Ton Truck9 Ton Truck
Cross-Harbour Tunnel$15 $20
Eastern Harbour Crossing$38 $50
Western Harbour Crossing$85$110
Aberdeen Tunnel$5$5
Tate's Cairn Tunnel$24$28
Tsing Ma Bridge$20$25
Tai Lam Tunnel$49$55
Tseung Kwan O Tunnel$3$3
Shing Mun Tunnel$5$5
Eagle's Nest Tunnel$8$8
Lion Rock Tunnel$8$8
Discovery Bay Tunnel (09:00-18:00)$120$160
Park Island (10:00 - 16:00)$20$25
Discovery Bay Road Usage Fee$20$40

Parking Fee

(actually cost payment per journey)
Discovery BayFirst 2 hours: free Within 3 hours: $100 Thereafter: $200 per hour
Airport Car Park 3$16 per hour
Airport Car Park 1 & 2 Light Goods Vehicle Loading/Unloading AreaFirst 30mins: $40 Second 30mins: $60 Thereafter: $80 per 30 mins

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